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I wanted to send you a note to say how much we love Nika.  She has great drives and a great temperment already.  She is a character.  She has fit in so well with our family and dog family.  She is another example of the dogs we have got from you over the years.  Is it possible to get the export pedigree for Xavior?  I like having them in my file. 

Thanks again for an amazing puppy.

Kathi Marcovecchio
Arizona Shepherds
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
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German Shepherd Puppies
Itar / Moxi Female pup
I love Sheps.  Got my current one (Tasha) from Melanie at .

A good *German* sheperd is going to be expensive.  You also have to make sure the pup doesn't have any of the typical defects of an American German Sheperd.
If these dogs are clean and come with the Guarantee that Tasha did, then that price is completely resonable.

I got the Friend Discount and after airfare (was shipped to me) was still over $1.5k, well worth it tho to know I was getting a true sheperd that will be able to live a full happy life without worrying about dysplasia and other genetic issues common to the breed in America.
Thank you so much for all your help with our countless questions over the last few months.  Our dog Saint, has really meshed well into our family.  I know so many people who got screwed by puppy stores, amateur breeders selling dogs on the internet and street corner advertisement and so on. 

In the beginning I felt like the price was a little steep, but I now realize that the cost is much higher in the long run when you go though someone who hasn't a clue what they are doing.

I welcome the opportunity to recommend you to anyone serious about buying a German Shepherd with real Czech / German working bloodlines.  These European lines out perform anything I have ever seen.

It's amazing how after a bad day at work, or a stressful week on the job, I can come home and throw the ball with Saint, scratch his belly and stroke his ears and all that stress just melts away.  He has been awesome.  Incidentally, when I am gone or asleep he is quite possibly the best "WATCH DOG" I have ever seen.

It's been a great experience doing business with you.

Chris Martinka & Christina Patten NREMT-P 
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
Saint is a Xavior / Yamka Son
And what a
Handsome Sable guy he turned out to be
If you wish to ask Chris
about me or my dogs
I'd be glad to get you in contact with him
German Shepherd Puppies
Hey Melanie just thought you would like to no that i love Nyla.
i have been working with her every day she loves the ball! LOL! here are some pics. of her. you can post them if you like.

best regards Bobby.
Hi Melanie,

I just wanted to give you an update on Max.  You will be very happy to know that Max is doing great. There have been no accidents, and we have followed the instructions about not hugging him and letting him get used to us and come to us.  He is definitely bonding to us, especially me.  He loves to be with me, follows me every where and has been doing well on his commands.  In the house he will “sit” and “lay down” with verbal commands and hand signals, when he is out for a walk he can be a little more stubborn on his “sit” command, but I want him to start sitting at the street corners on command (but honestly he is doing really, really great).  You will be pleased to know that he doesn’t bark at other dogs, and completely ignored a Chihuahua that was running off his leash and confronted Max.  I have just been reinforcing the obedience commands that you have taught him, but I am so impressed with his intelligence and ability to learn that I definitely want to have him learn more as Max is definitely worth investing time in.  We just love him.  I will continue to just let him get used to us for the next week and half and let you tell me how to proceed from there.

Thanks…J            (Max and his new friend)
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
I know I am being like some kind proud mother and keep repeating myself but we love our Hammer and here are some pictures I took today. Hammer get it Hammer search
Dragon German Shepherds
Call 623-388-0494 or email

Hope you don't mind the updates. She's getting big - 45 lbs now, and doing very well. She's "growing into her ears".

We had our first dog-play-date today at a friend's house. She has a 10 yr old male shepherd named Rocky, and a 1 yr old male Pit Bull mix named Bruno. After the initial checking each other out and sniffing private parts and Bruno trying to mount her, they all got along famously.  Ute and Bruno chased each other a bit and tumbled around, then about 10 minutes later they all acted like they'd known each other for years - basically ignored each other like they've lived together all their lives.  Was interesting to watch. 

Here's a pix of her and one of my cats, Tess. Tess loves Ute.  Good thing because Ute occasionally grabs Tess around the neck and gets dog slobber all over her fur. I have to catch Ute doing that and give her the "out" command. She doesn't chomp down on her, but even being playful at it is not a habit I want her to have, so I have to monitor them closely.  I've taught Ute to "leave it", to leave the cats alone. It works most of the time; other times Ute is too wound up to listen to me much.


I'm very happy with her. She's proving to be a wonderful companion for me. The Canidae I give her is the "all stages" one. I remembered you telling me when I picked her up not to giver her puppy food, so I've stayed away from that.
Just an update on Ute. We went to the vet yesterday to get her booster shot and heartworm meds and had her "growing pains" checked out at the same time. Vet thinks it's Pano based on my description and him checking her out; opted not to do an xray righ tnow; gave me a trial pack of Remadyl (yes, he told me about the public outcry over it and a website, but his contention was he's only had 2 dogs in five years of treatment actually get liver disease from it and he said he hands out probably 5 prescriptions a month for it, but at least he was honest) and said if it helps her and I intend to give it to her long-term, we need to do blood work to watch her liver.  I doubt I will do the long term thing.  I"m not even sure I"ll give her the meds. I"m just watching how she's doing - she's still limping, not as bad, but not much change either.  It's been 12 days and she's about the same. I've given her complete rest the past 7 days. I'm just hoping it doesn't move to her other leg.

Her limping (Pano) is almost gone. Much better than it was before. I've been giving her Cosequin DS twice a day since I've had her and I'm hoping that helps her down the line.  She's done really well on the Canidae food.  I add a bit of Innova Evo 95% beef to her kibble and it seems to sit well with her.  Actually, that's a good point on the meds - since Ute doesn't yelp not even when the Vet stretched and touched her leg, I will go with what you say and not give her anything.

German Shepherd Puppies

We graduated Obedience Training last Sunday and Ute passed with flying colors.  We got a pretty fancy certificate of completion.  She can now do the basic commands of "down", "out", "sit", "heel", "wait", "come", and "off" when she gets up on something.  She scored 95% on all responses - pretty darn good for her age.

We'll be starting some basic Agility Training first week of January.  I have enough yard space to set up a nice course for her - everything but the teeter totter.  It will be interesting to see how she does.  I keep trying to find her "drive" and ball is not one of them; she could care less.  I did find one thing that really sets her off with her tail wagging like crazy ... oddly enough, it's that little red laser light I use for my cats. She LOVES that thing.  So when she gets full of piss and vinegar and won't calm down, I take her outside at night and let her chase that light.  She tears after it across the yard. Man, she can run!

German Shepherd Puppies
Ute z Dragon is from Itar/Kal-tee
Max is from Xavior/Yamka
Hammer z Dragon is from Car/Brenda
Nika z Dragon is from Xavior/Yamka
Hi Melanie,

I was just thinking about you and I need to get another payment out to you so I can keep my Max!! LOL.  Anyway, I was very proud of Max this weekend.  We had our first big family get together at our house on Sunday and Max behaved very well.  I put him on a lead and had everyone more or less greet him when they came over and then I told them to just ignore Max when they were in the house.  He would come to them when he was comfortable.  Well Max didn’t get nervous or aggressive or scared, he just patrolled the house and then sat under the table while everyone was eating.  He can be a big goof though…sometimes if we just change the slightest thing about our appearance, he gets a little woofy…especially if I happen to walk out of the room and return with my sunglasses on. It’s like he just forgot for a moment what I looked like, then he hears my voice and acts normal again….what a goofball.

He sits on command, lays on command in the house, but won’t stay.  I would like to be able to have him sit, lay and stay until told to come.  Is that in the realm of possibility? I don’t have the foggiest notion how to train him to do that or what you recommend for family training in regards to protection.  Do we just let his natural family protection instincts take over, or should I look into advances training so he accepts people or goes on guard at command?

On a side note, we go on a 2 mile walk almost every day and everyone always comments on how beautiful Max is, and I give them your web URL.  Several people in the neighborhood seem very interested in GSD’s and I always take the time to explain to them why they shouldn’t take the free dog or the non registered dog from some back yard breeder.  Not only because of temperament issues, but because of the obvious risks for having a dog with potential health issues.  Of course I always recommend you to them, but Max seems to be the best recommendation there is!! We all just love him.

Good morning Melanie,

Okay, now for the good stuff…the Max update.  I won’t be able to get together for training until after my trip to Ft. Smith, Arkansas but when I get back I will definitely make arrangements.  Everyday when Max and I take a walk, new people stop and tell me what a beautiful dog he is and want to know more about him.  Max is beginning to be the star attraction in our subdivision.  By the way, he is beginning to think he is a retriever as he loves to play fetch is tennis ball.  He also loves to play tug of war with an old sock rope I have and when he wins, he prances around the house like he’s the king of the hill.  I will have to send you some more photos of him, but you can definitely tell he is Xavier’s and Yamka’s offspring.  I don’t know how the other Xavier/Yamka dogs are, but if they are like Max, then they must be wonderful dogs!  Oh, here is something that I just find truly wonderful, he never growls at our other dog while eating, loves to play with her, and he never begs for food.  He’s just a delight.  I can’t wait to get together with you to train him to stay until called…and whatever else you think is essential training for the ultimate GSD.  As you can tell, I never get tired of talking about Max!!

Thanks again!!!  J

I have attached a photo of Logan that you will enjoy.  This boy is the most intelligent dog I have ever seen.  I dont know if he had ever been in the house before we got him, but he has never messed, not destructive at all, quiet, calm, the absolute perfect dog.  He learns commands in one or two times and remembers them.  It took twice of telling him no when I go into the garage.  We have chicks in there and the dogs are not allowed inside.  They wait at the open door for me to come back out.  He remembered the next time that he could not go in.  He has made quite a impact on my life.  He is my constant shadow and never leaves my side.  He is so very easy to be around.  There is such a quiet confidence within him, and I know he would have no problem with protecting if ever needed.  He is good with strangers, easy to take to the vet.  I am in love with Czech working lines now.  

In the photo this boy is asleep.  He woke up just as I was taking the photo. 
What a baby.  He thinks he is a lap dog and so very loving.

Jan(Xavior/ Daughter of Congo Vikar/Amalka z PS)
Logan OFA'd Good Hips/Clear Elbows
German Shepherd Puppies
Rommel is doing great.  He's turning into a great garage dog.  I was working on a trailer today and he stayed with me the whole time.  He would entertain himself , but never left the yard or wandered off.  He did get hot so I filled his pool and he played in the water till he got tired then he just laid in the pool and watched me work.  This boy loves water.


German Shepherd Puppies
Rommel z Dragon
(Charza son)
Logan z Dragon
(Xavier son)
Hi Melanie,

I thought I would drop you a line about Rommel.  He's still doing great.  He still tries to go everywhere he possibly can.  That means he's become a regular at Home Depot.   I started taking both dogs to the local dog park.  Rommel loves to visit with everybody but he's slow to play with the other dogs.  I think it will take time,  there are already a few smaller dogs he's taking an interest in checking out.

I can't keep him out of water.  He's like a kid.  Anytime he sees a puddle or mud he runs through it.  Puddles are the funniest.  He runs back and forth through water splashing the water, biting the splashes.  He also still plays in his pool.  When I work in the garage I fill his pool and he keeps himself busy in his pool.  He splashes around then just lays down in the pool.

German Shepherd Puppies
Rommel z Dragon
(Charza son)
This is the second outstanding puppy I have purchased from Dragon German Shepherd Dogs. First, "Faust", a very high drive sable that is working as Counter-terrorist K-9, rappels with me, very hard biter, has gotten many "Live" street bites working strikes, and has been all over the world on operations. With his titanium teeth, he is a force to be reckoned with! I bought "Dolf" from your expertise in Czech/Slovak breedings, so I can have A new K-9 to follow his path as a warrior. He is biting at 6 months of age, I am imprinting explosive odors, tracking, building searches,  night ops., exposure to SMG's, fire, and making him social, but going to be my main operational K-9 in 2009! His dark long coat sable markings make him "camouflage" in high desert/forest and our security assignments at night.
Dakujem Melanie!
Close Quarter Battle K-9

German Shepherd Puppies

Hello from the Galvez family.  It has been a long, busy spring and summer
but we thought we should let you know how your once baby boy Krieger Galvez
is doing.  Here are a few pictures, some not so great, but I thought I
should share a few.  The ones on the desk are a bit of a joke.  The first
day I brought my baby boy home he didn't want to leave my side so I let him
nap next to my desk while I worked.  I sent the pictures to my employees to
show them how cute he was and as a joke sent the updated one this week (on
the desk).  What a difference a few months can make in a growing GSD!
Obviously Gregg had to lift him this time!  A few comments on the pictures.
You can see from the floating in the pool that we exposed him to water right
away.  He now is a fully swimming GSD who LOVES the water.  In fact, he just
got back from a beach vacation in San Carlos Mexico where he happily
frolicked in the waves with his Labrador sister Belle.  There is a picture
in there as well of him playing with her - they get along great but are
quite noisy when they play! He is so gorgeous that people stop us all the
time and ask us about him.  He is a great learner, fully crate trained,
fully potty trained and a lot of fun.  He isn't naughty so long as his human
owners pay attention, but he does like to play rowdy with big sister and
that prey drive you told us about, well he sure has it!  We channel it with
a daily walk and his toy ducky that he repeatedly chases and kills!  He is
also obsessed with daughter Jessica's stuffed tigers which she isn't too
excited about.  Bottom line, he is a bit spoiled, but well trained so far
and is about the most beautiful GSD we have ever seen (ok so we're a bit
biased).  Sorry we haven't stayed in touch so far, but we'll try to send
pictures more often.  He is loved (and spoiled) by his entire family and
even extended family and is doing just wonderfully.  He has some growing
pains which we had confirmed at the vet, but otherwise is as healthy as can


The Galvez Family           
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
Krieger is a Itar/Kal-tee pup, now a handsome dog.
German Shepherd Puppies
New photos of Logan.  This is one nice looking boy. He is so dedicated to me, such loyalty I have never seen.  He is huge and healthy.  I am totally in love with this dog.  He just got a bath and brushing.  He has such a heavy undercoat.  This is his summer coat and its as thick as my others winter coat.  Definately weather proof.  Thanks so much for this boy, he is amazing.

Jan :-)
German Shepherd Puppies
Hey Melanie,

Was just gonna drop you a line and let you know that everything is going well with Drako.  He is learning alot and loves playing with the kids.

He has lost all his baby teeth and is starting to fill out nicely.

He is naturally weary/protective towards other dogs.  Hopefully he will get that way soon towards strangers.  Right now he loves everyone!

I have attached  pics.  Feel free to use them on your website if you wish.

Robert K
Memphis, TN
T Drako Z Dragon and his kids
Hi Melanie,
I wanted to send you some pictures of Nitro playing hockey on Little Sebago Lake(Maine). He is doing very well, obedience training is moving along and we will start tracking in the spring. Recently went to a Michael Ellis seminar and learned a few new techniques. Nitro has intense ball drive and a great personallity for Schutzhund work. I'll keep you updated as we make progress.
Best regards,
Baxter and Moxi son
As you can see Kai has grown into a beautiful dog. He is about 90 pounds and full of life and spunk. He is too smart for his own good at times. We will be starting his BH training this month. He has been a pleasure to have in our life and we are excited to what the future has to bring. We are looking for a female, so when you have a female that's not in his bloodline, feel free to e-mail us and let us know!
Keep in touch!
-The Mayo Family
German Shepherd Puppies
Melanie, We just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be privileged enough to

Own our little Ajax (Baxter x Elsa breeding) from z Dragon GSD’s! He is so handsome, healthy, and LOVES the kids and our other dogs!

Here are some pictures for you, and all, to see!  We will be training for PP, CCDL, and PSA-I know he’s

Perfect!!!!! We love him and will keep sending you pictures, especially once training starts.

-your friends, Ben & Nicole
(and Jade & Noah)
German Shepherd Puppies
Only after the last tree is cut down.
The last of the water poisoned.
The last animal destroyed...
Only then will you realize
you cannot eat money.

Cree Indian Prophecy