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Hi Melanie,

I just wanted to give you an update on Max.  You will be very happy to know that Max is doing great. There have been no accidents, and we have followed the instructions about not hugging him and letting him get used to us and come to us.  He is definitely bonding to us, especially me.  He loves to be with me, follows me every where and has been doing well on his commands.  In the house he will “sit” and “lay down” with verbal commands and hand signals, when he is out for a walk he can be a little more stubborn on his “sit” command, but I want him to start sitting at the street corners on command (but honestly he is doing really, really great).  You will be pleased to know that he doesn’t bark at other dogs, and completely ignored a Chihuahua that was running off his leash and confronted Max.  I have just been reinforcing the obedience commands that you have taught him, but I am so impressed with his intelligence and ability to learn that I definitely want to have him learn more as Max is definitely worth investing time in.  We just love him.  I will continue to just let him get used to us for the next week and half and let you tell me how to proceed from there. 

 Thanks…J            (Max and his new friend)
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Czech German Shepherd Puppies Available : Below

 Call 623-388-0494 
AKC Czech German Shepherd Puppies:
Strong bones, beautiful colors and great   temperaments and hips guaranteed. Puppies are up to date on shots, wormed and health check.
My puppies all have excellent Czech genetics of proven dogs past and present.
NO blood disorders, no pannus (eyes), no spinal problems, no intestinal disorders. These things are very common these days and cost you alot of money for the life of your dog.

I don't have these disorders and diseases in my dogs. I have very healthy dogs, sometimes you can get what you pay for, and I work hard to keep my genetics clean of these disorders and diseases.

You're paying me for a healthy dog and my knowledge of the good genetics.

That's my guarantee.

Lots of legendary dogs are behind these dogs.  They are not found many places anymore.
Puppies are fully guaranteed.
See guarantee.

All Czech pups are up to date on shots and worming. All Are AKC.

Puppies are socialized and temperament tested for
all aspects of workability and family.
They are suitable for
SchH, PSA, police work,
families, protection,
and other related purposes.
If you want pick of the 
litter a small deposit is
required as pups sell
pretty quick.

Call for info.

Czech German Shepherd puppy
German Shepherd Pup
Saint is a Xavior / Yamka Son (below)
And what a
Handsome Sable guy he turned out to be 
If you wish to ask Chris
about me or my dogs 
I'd be glad to get you in contact with him
Czech German Shepherds
Uma (Itar/Moxi) Sax Lu-ke daughter
She has some of the best hips I have ever seen. Uma's  OFA Good
Czech German Shepherds
Uma at gun range
Czech German Shepherds
I know I am being like some kind proud mother and keep repeating myself but we love our Hammer and here are some pictures I took today. Hammer get it Hammer search
Available Puppies:   below for working/family, Click on pictures to see info on the dogs. Be sure to Scroll Down to see the Puppies
Uma (Itar/Moxi) SakeLu-ke daughter (below)
 Uma's OFA Good
Uma isn't a bit gun shy either.
Czech german Shepherd
Czech German Shepherd Puppies
Some References from people that have purchased my dogs
Czech German Shepherd
Well Logan is an AMAZING dog without a doubt.  He is stunning and is a dream in EVERY single way.  I adore him and he is WONDERFUL with my daughters.  He is a big love and is a super sweet dog.  I really think that he is the most amazing dog that I have ever seen.  BRAINS BEAUTY AND LOVE what more can I ask for.    Attached are some pics of him.  STUNNING GUY really. Thank you for breeding an amazing and wonderful boy.  He will live here for the rest of his life I'm sure.   I am just thrilled beyond words to have him.   I trust him 100% with my children as you can see.  :)  adore this guy!!!!
Kimberly Lantz


Emmett, Idaho

Czech German Shepherds
Czech German Shepherds
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Passed the AKC kennel inspection with flying colors.
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email me
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AKC, New litters coming soon, Taking deposits now on Dark Sable Males and Females and Bi-colors Males and Females. All Czech Pups!
Available 5 month old,  male, black Czech, friendly, ready for a home!
Sigan z Dragon / Fern z Dragon,  black male available
Brawny z Dragon Available
Sigan z Dragon