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Dragon German Shepherds
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Dogs That I have Sold and Some of my Children (dogs)
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The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves to be ungrateful or treacherous, are his German shepherd dogs. German shepherd dogs are known throughout the world for uncanny intelligence and faithfulness. German Shepherd Dogs has the great reputation as a family companion.

A man's German shepherd dogs stands by in prosperity and in poverty, in sickness as well as in good health. German shepherd dogs are fearless, eager and alert. Known for their tremendous loyalty and courage. German shepherd dogs are calmly confident, but not hostile.

German shepherd dogs will sleep on the ground where the winds blow cold, and the snow drives fiercely, if only to be by his masters side.

A German shepherd will kiss the hand that has no food to offer. He will lick the wounds and sores that came from the contact of the roughness of this world. He will guard the sleep of his pauper master, as if he were a prince.

When all other friends desert him, as you know they will, a German shepherd will remain. When riches take wing, and reputations fall to pieces, he is as constant in love, as the sun in its journey through the heavens.

And if misfortune drives the master forth, an outcast in a world so friendless and lonely, he ask no greater privilege than to accompany a German Shepard, and stand guard against his enemies.

And finally when the master has took his last walk, and is now lying there in the cold ground;

There by the graveside patiently waiting, can this noble friend be found. His head between his paws, and his eyes sad, but open and alert faithful and true even in death. There you will have the GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG
If you like what you see Please feel free to e-mail me or call me for more information on getting a dog or puppy.
German Shepherd Puppies
Monty was (sadly passed on) one of my Stud guys......Kal-tee and Yamka's Father
German Shepherd Puppies
Congrats Jim on your new pup
German Shepherd Puppies
Sultan / Kal-tee Female pup
on your new pup
German Shepherd Puppies
I have sent you a pic of my beautiful Nika,  I saw you had a repeat breeding of Xavior and Yamka and thought you might like this pic for advertising the litter. 
German Shepherd Puppies
Otto / Ida Policia female pup
Congrats John
on your new pup
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
SOLD congrats
Gil and his family
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
Just the happy Family
German Shepherd Puppies
Alan Marky Mark and Asta's female pup Congrats Tony on your new pup
German Shepherd Puppies
Congrats to the Jordan Family on your new pup
German Shepherd Puppies
Ute (Itar/Kal-tee) is Dawn's pretty new pup.
German Shepherd Puppies
He's doing great!  His ears are standing up more every day.  At this rate they will be standing tall in another week or two.  We're getting the house training down pretty well.  He is a very busy boy,  but I have a bunch of toys to keep him busy.  I included a few pics of him making himself at home.

German Shepherd Puppies
Max is 13 months now, beautiful and spoiled. 85 lbs.

(Itar/Yaxi Puppy)

I have attached a photo of Logan that you will enjoy.  This boy is the most intelligent dog I have ever seen.  I dont know if he had ever been in the house before we got him, but he has never messed, not destructive at all, quiet, calm, the absolute perfect dog.  He learns commands in one or two times and remembers them.  It took twice of telling him no when I go into the garage.  We have chicks in there and the dogs are not allowed inside.  They wait at the open door for me to come back out.  He remembered the next time that he could not go in.  He has made quite a impact on my life.  He is my constant shadow and never leaves my side.  He is so very easy to be around.  There is such a quiet confidence within him, and I know he would have no problem with protecting if ever needed.  He is good with strangers, easy to take to the vet.  I am in love with Czech working lines now.  

In the photo this boy is asleep.  He woke up just as I was taking the photo. 
What a baby.  He thinks he is a lap dog and so very loving.

Jan(Xavior/ Daughter of Congo Vikar/Amalka z PS)
Logan OFA'd Good Hips/Clear Elbows
German Shepherd Puppies
This is the second outstanding puppy I have purchased from Dragon German Shepherd Dogs. First, "Faust", a very high drive sable that is working as Counter-terrorist K-9, rappels with me, very hard biter, has gotten many "Live" street bites working strikes, and has been all over the world on operations. With his titanium teeth, he is a force to be reckoned with! I bought "Dolf" from your expertise in Czech/Slovak breedings, so I can have A new K-9 to follow his path as a warrior. He is biting at 6 months of age, I am imprinting explosive odors, tracking, building searches,  night ops., exposure to SMG's, fire, and making him social, but going to be my main operational K-9 in 2009! His dark long coat sable markings make him "camouflage" in high desert/forest and our security assignments at night.
Dakujem Melanie!
Close Quarter Battle K-9

German Shepherd Puppies

Hello from the Galvez family.  It has been a long, busy spring and summer
but we thought we should let you know how your once baby boy Krieger Galvez
is doing.  Here are a few pictures, some not so great, but I thought I
should share a few.  The ones on the desk are a bit of a joke.  The first
day I brought my baby boy home he didn't want to leave my side so I let him
nap next to my desk while I worked.  I sent the pictures to my employees to
show them how cute he was and as a joke sent the updated one this week (on
the desk).  What a difference a few months can make in a growing GSD!
Obviously Gregg had to lift him this time!  A few comments on the pictures.
You can see from the floating in the pool that we exposed him to water right
away.  He now is a fully swimming GSD who LOVES the water.  In fact, he just
got back from a beach vacation in San Carlos Mexico where he happily
frolicked in the waves with his Labrador sister Belle.  There is a picture
in there as well of him playing with her - they get along great but are
quite noisy when they play! He is so gorgeous that people stop us all the
time and ask us about him.  He is a great learner, fully crate trained,
fully potty trained and a lot of fun.  He isn't naughty so long as his human
owners pay attention, but he does like to play rowdy with big sister and
that prey drive you told us about, well he sure has it!  We channel it with
a daily walk and his toy ducky that he repeatedly chases and kills!  He is
also obsessed with daughter Jessica's stuffed tigers which she isn't too
excited about.  Bottom line, he is a bit spoiled, but well trained so far
and is about the most beautiful GSD we have ever seen (ok so we're a bit
biased).  Sorry we haven't stayed in touch so far, but we'll try to send
pictures more often.  He is loved (and spoiled) by his entire family and
even extended family and is doing just wonderfully.  He has some growing
pains which we had confirmed at the vet, but otherwise is as healthy as can


The Galvez Family            
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
New photos of Logan.  This is one nice looking boy. He is so dedicated to me, such loyalty I have never seen.  He is huge and healthy.  I am totally in love with this dog.  He just got a bath and brushing.  He has such a heavy undercoat.  This is his summer coat and its as thick as my others winter coat.  Definately weather proof.  Thanks so much for this boy, he is amazing.

Jan :-)
German Shepherd Puppies
Hi Melanie, Here's Max and tinkerbelle resting a bit. He's doing very well with belle and both of the kitties.
German Shepherd Puppies

Do you know this beautiful baby ? This is DERBY. took these today. I know
what you were talking about now, she does want her own way, but most of the
time she is mellow,and a love bug. I know she will be everything I wanted.

thanks again, Anne
German Shepherd Puppies
Hi Melanie just wanted to give you an update on Oliver. I have joined a schutzhund club out here and have been going for about two weeks now. He is doing so good I am amazed by how fast he learns and how calm and worry free he is, he fears no dog that is for sure. Everyone at the club always complements me on his colors,how fast he is learning and how calm he is , he just sits or lays right next to me whenever I stop. I look forward to taking him to get his BH and then on to his SchH.

Thanks F.......
German Shepherd Puppies
Baxter/Nakta male Oliver
Hi Melanie,
Just wanted to update you on Kai, don't know if you remember us or him, but he is a big, beautiful, smart dog, who at times is just like having another kid in the house!  He is so funny and so smart, very entertaining.  Our whole family has taken to him and love him like a part of the family!  Glad that we found him!  Thank you!

German Shepherd Puppies
Itar/Elsa pup
Hi Melanie,

Willa is a fantastic dog!  She is so smart and what a nose!  I thought you
might enjoy some pics.

Her nickname is "Willa Bear"!     

Thank you for such a great addition to our family!

German Shepherd Puppies
Willa z Dragon
German Shepherd Puppies
Hi Melanie,
Oliver is doing great.
I get compliments all the time on how handsome he is. As you can see, he is a great looking dog.
Oliver and I have been learning to track. We are in the begining stages, but Oliver is doing very well. He is doing well with obedience also, and I get comments on his good behavior, too.
  I thought I would send you some recent photos. Three are from two trips we took up to Flagstaff to see the snow.
Please let me know if you'd like me to bring him by to see you, I really don't live that far away. I would love for you to see him yourself.
  Thank you Melanie, for a great dog. I love him!
German Shepherd Puppies
Hi Melanie,
    Here are some pictures of Stryker, he is getting big and is quite the ham.  He loves to be the center of attention and gets along with everyone.  He is super smart (obviously), and is figuring out how to get into everything!  We get a lot of compliments on him almost daily.  His ears are about 98% full standing right now so he is beginning to look more "adult".  Hope you enjoy the pictures! Thanks again for everything and for a great looking pup!

Brianna and Tony

German Shepherd Puppies
Hi Melanie. Here’s Gracie this morning at 1 year old with her dolly. She’s close to 70 lbs and still thin. We love her so much. She is a complete knucklehead with a ton of personality. Hope all is well for you. Barb
Czech German Shepherd Puppy
Hello Melanie
Hope all is well. Just letting you know Zoey is doing great. It amazes me how well she likes the heat and is heat tolerant. Of course we leave her inside when we are gone to take care of the house but when we are home she wants nothing more than to be outside chasing lizards no matter how hot it is. She will sit in the shade and wait for one to come out then stalk it like a cat. She is a wonderful dog.
We recently took her to pinetop and rented a cabin. She was never on a leash and did not want to leave us. Thank You John
Hi Melanie since I believe today is Bears birthday I just wanted to send some pictures. He is one of the best dogs I've had and is amazing, gorgeous, smart, and a complete character! Here bear is out at seven springs with the other pups. I hope everything is great with you and can't thank you enough.
Hi Melanie,
Attached are images I took of Kaiser with some doggie dragon toys we bought him.
He is doing very well. Friday night was rough sleeping for everyone but last night he was great through the night, went from 10-2 then woke us up, then I took him out to go potty then and I fed him (that really helped settle him down again) and he went right back asleep, then again at 5, then at 8:30 I got him up!
He likes his crate, no problem there. Very little whining, crying or complaining….
He is a very happy dog. He is a great eater and very active, loves to play and you can tell he is a smart.
He understands and responds to his name and “come here”.
Basically potty-trained in that no accidents yesterday or today in the house and there have been many times where he could have gone in the house but he has waited until we got him outside.
Anyway, I thought you would enjoy seeing one of your Dragon GSD pups with his own dragons!
Hello Melanie
I wanted to send you a picture of Ned, the male pup I purchased from you in August. He is 7 months old now and what a magnificent boy he is! He is doing wonderful and loves to fetch. I get compliments on him all the time when we are out walking. On top of being such a good boy, he is super smart and learns new things so easily. He is this stunning at 7 months old, I can only imagine how he is going to look when mature! Once again, you have provided me with an amazing, smart and very healthy pup!!
Thank you again,
R. Williams
Buckeye, AZ