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If your dog has been properly immunized and then dies or is crippled by distemper, hepatitis, or leoptospirosis within 12 month after purchase, return all the papers and I will replace dog of equal value at no charge. And NO dogfood with protein higher than 25% or any puppy food. You pay for shipping and related costs.

X-rays must be within OFA Standards.  X-rays must be of 90 degree angles. If at any time during the first 2 years of the dogs life he or she is found to be crippled from Dysplasia; I will replace the dog with a dog of equal value at no charge.You pay for shipping and related costs. Dog must be paid in FULL.
Dogs must be proven not to have been bred. Dogs must be certified spayed or neutered by a licensed Vetenarian for the dog to be replaced by Dragon German Shepherds. 

If your pup has been properly immunized and if your pup dies from parvo virus, return all papers to Dragon German Shepherds along with laboratory verification and I will replace the dog with a dog of equal value at no charge. You pay for shipping and related costs.
 I will Not pay your veterinary bills as I have no control over what they charge.


If your dog develops a condition that dates from the prenatal or fetal state return all papers  to Dragon German Shepherds and I will replace the dog with one of equal value at no charge. Dog must be paid in full for Guarantee  You pay for shipping and related costs.
This guarantee applies to the original buyer of the puppy / dog and is not transferable. The puppy / dog must be in good condition. You own the puppy/dog as soon as money is received. Dog must be paid in Full for Guarantee.

After the deposit is paid and in the event the BUYER either defaults in the payment of the entire purchase price or elects to cancel this Agreement, all monies paid pursuant hereto may be retained by SELLER as liquidated damages and no further action shall be maintained by either party. Deposits are not refunded.

On the other hand in the event of default by SELLER herein BUYER'S sole remedy shall be to rescind this Agreement and receive the return of any funds paid for the puppy/dog to the SELLER.

No replacement will be given if the dog (male or female) has been bred,neutered, spayed, sold or the dog/pup is not paid in full. The guarantee is void if registration application form has expired.

Owner is responsible for transportation cost to and from Dragon German Shepherds. If when purchasing or returning a dog, the shipping is not paid for by BUYER, the warranty shall be void.

Guarantee is void if the dog has not been properly immunized. The dog will be replaced by a dog chosen by Dragon German Shepherds with a dog of equal quality and value, as soon as one is available. 1k less also void.

Warranty is replacement only, no money back. 
By purchasing a pup/dog from Dragon German
Shepherds; I fully agree with this warranty. My kennel name will be used in naming the puppy:
"name" z Dragon.
 I understand that Dragon German Shepherds makes NO other warranties express or implied.

The applicable law and forum: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Arizona. The state of Arizona, USA shall be the sole and exclusive
forum for any legal action by either party, buyer or seller of this pup/dog. 
Guarantees are for both of our protections,

I will do my best studying of pedigrees to produce the best possible genetics for you.

Please read my guarantee

Any questions please ask for

All puppies are
treated for the usual puppy
issues with the proper medications.

Transportation can stress puppies out and this can bring on certain issues with puppies.
I have been raising genetically sound and
stable temperament puppies and dogs for over 25 years. 

I study pedigrees sometimes
for many hours and up to 20 generations back.

There are some known dogs with bad elbows and hips.
Some have better percentages on hips and
cryptorchidism producers.
All these factors are very important and mainly the percentages of these are what count. 

With German Shepherds
nothing is perfect, but breeding the smaller
percentages of defects with a greater percentage of good genes is part of what
works for me. 

I have a natural knack for this. Some of this is also my secrets. I can't give it all away. 
My Guarantee 
Digital are the best X-ray these days but 90 degrees are
a must; this X-ray is close
Not acceptable, not clear, not 90
degrees, no knees in picture.(below)

Dragon German Shepherds
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This is the second outstanding puppy I have purchased from Dragon German Shepherd Dogs. First, "Faust", a very high drive sable that is working as Counter-terrorist K-9, rappels with me, very hard biter, has gotten many "Live" street bites working strikes, and has been all over the world on operations. With his titanium teeth, he is a force to be reckoned with! I bought "Dolf" from your expertise in Czech/Slovak breedings, so I can have A new K-9 to follow his path as a warrior. He is biting at 6 months of age, I am imprinting explosive odors, tracking, building searches,  night ops., exposure to SMG's, fire, and making him social, but going to be my main operational K-9 in 2009! His dark long coat sable markings make him
"camouflage" in high desert/forest and our security assignments at night.
Dakujem Melanie!
Close Quarter Battle K-9