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Dragon German Shepherds, Breeder.
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Dragon German Shepherds
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I have raised German Shepherd Dogs for over 30 years now. I study pedigrees sometimes more than 20+ generations back for the most stable genetics possible. I have trained dogs,
showed dogs, worked dogs, and even been the bad guy to take the bites.

I still do these things only on a smaller scale as my age says I must not do so much.

I have solidly healthy dogs with none of the diseases that alot of German Shepherds have these days.  My dogs don't have eye problems, no blood disorders, no heart issues and live long lives.  The backgrounds come from proven dogs with very little hip and elbow problems. No German Shepherds are totally free of joint disorders, but knowing what is behind your dogs gives you a foot up on what to expect.

Yes, I OFA my dogs but OFA is only as good as the positioning of the X-ray taken.
More of this is explained in my guarantee. 

For potential buyers, the puppy you take to your home is going to be a quality individual with strong bones, bold heads, beautiful pigmentation, balanced calm temperaments and with great nerves and overall health.  

I hand pick my dogs for Excellent hip/elbow genetics with Very strong pedigrees that contain dogs from top working bloodlines; great prospects for Sport, family, or Law Enforcement , depending on the individual puppies personality. They are very intelligent and willing to work for their handler.
German Shepherd
Wolfe (1970) was my first loyal German Shepherd civil pet.  When he passed away I bought 2 working german shepherds Ranger and Sugar (1975); they were my first breeding pair.  
Ebony (1980) (pictured below) was the next working German Shepherd I bought who is still behind my dogs today.  He never produced a bad hip or elbow. Some of his bloodline is still in my breeding's for that very reason. He had a hard temperament but loving.
German Shepherd
 (Yamka and me below (Then) )                                                                     Now 2008
I use German Shepherds from Czech Import Lines but only the best will I breed to from proven backgrounds.  All my dogs are trained in obedience and protection

(Vicky and me working protection)
German Shepherd
That's me working my dogs.
Some of my Other Dogs who have passed on
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
Baron z Pohrancini Straze (Karo's Father)
German Shepherd Puppies
German Shepherd Puppies
Puppies need to have the right drives to be balanced
German Shepherd Puppies
Hey Melanie just thought you would like to no that i love Nyla i have been working with her every day she loves the ball! LOL! here are some pics. of her. you can post them if you like. best regards Bobby. 
German Shepherd Puppies
Here are some pictures of our new addition to our family Hammer z Dragon Car x Brenda. We couldn't be happier with him. He has great drives and nerves and is very confident and loving. His trainability is amazing plus he is great looking and very healthy. Thanks for another great german shepherd! Barbara 
This is a sampling of the hundreds of Obedience/Show Ribbons from more than 10 years ago.  Now unfortunately do to my age it is hard for me to do this, but I'm trying to find something I can do on a smaller scale these days and still work my dogs.

I miss very much all of the showing I use to do of Dogs, Cats, Horses, and Livestock but I have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.
Chim was my dog who became a member of the Arizona SWAT team.
German Shepherd
German Shepherd
German Shepherd
German Shepherd
German Shepherd